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Free Philosophy Apps for iOS devices

After reviewing some of the most interesting philosophy related apps for Androids, i've deceided to make similar post about apps used on devices which run on iOS.
It turned out there are slightly more apps available on iOS which could be more interesting for philosophers, so i will try to keep it simple with this review.

1. Art of Stoic
Not totally free app, but free version includes 2 books for reading, The Golden Sayings of Epictetus and Seneca's Letters, which isn't much of an offer concerning that you already can get those ebooks online for free on many places, including App Store. Yet, texts are very well organized, easy to scroll and read both in landscape and portrait mode (Note: Im using these apps on iPad, so i wouldn't really know how they function on iPhone), so if you are interested in Stoic philosophy, this could be an interesting app for you to use.

2. Pearls of Wisdom.
Now i had to mention this one. This app..well, i imagine it would be really interesting to use this app while 'under the influence'. Basically, its just a quote app, but with soft piano background music, texts written in pink and with some sort of 'deep' spiritual quotes. It has a share option, but i wouldn't actually use this app,  because im not a big fan of 'the world is yours' positive thinking quotes, but also most probably because of it's weird psychodelic background design, which made me laugh at first, but then scared me a bit.

3. Crystal Wisdom - philosophy
If you are looking for wisdom while working out your biceps, you should consider downloading this app. Similar to previous app, this is also a quote app, but in order to get your quote, you need to rub a big crystal  ball, placed in the center of your screen. And you need to rub it hard or long enough, untill the ball gives you what you, as lover of wisdom, really need. Still, the design is nicely done and it's fun to use this app.

4. Ingenious
Finally, an app that i WON'T delete right after this review, though it also features quotes. But, apart from that, this app offers you 2 more options: Problems and Paradox, where you can find quite a number of philosophical, logical or mathematical problems (with solutions) which could be interesting to use in classes or in any type of philosophical dialogues. Also, Paradox section offers some intersting things to think about, some of which i didn't encounter before. Quotes are divided by categories and authors, and you also have a nice share option for social networks.

5. Wisdom Quotes free
This app comes in free and paid versions, and it basically is just very well designed quote app. Main menu has an old book background, so when you open Options (Quote of the day, Start and Resume), it looks like an opened old book, in which on the left side you can choose Categories or Authors and on the right page you have author's name, photo and the quote. As for the rest of the options, you can search entries, favourite quotes or share them on Facebook, Twitter and email.

6. The meaning of life
Fear no more, because with this presentation app, major philosophical question has been answered. At least thats what the author claims. A swipe presentation, with Notebook background, some graphics, coffee stains and not so much text, offers a simple answer to the most important question in history of humanity: what is the meaning of life? His answer? Well, i'll quote: "It is human instinct to be dissatisfied". I will say no more. I'll let you download the app and judge on your own about his reasoning and argumentation for such a boldly claim.

7. Attikos
I've tried to avoid ebook apps, but this app could come in handy to those of you who are into Greek philosophy...and who can read Greek. This app is a collection of philosophical texts in original ancient Greek, very well designed and arranged. It contains texts of Aeschylus, Apollonius Rhodius, Aristophanes, Euripides, Herodotus, Hesiod, Homer, Lysias, Plato, Sophocles, Thucydides and Xenophon, and quite a number of texts/books. Once you choose an author and a book, the ancient Greek text is really clear, easy to read and use with Jump to option toward every section of the book and with zoom in/zoom out options for easier reading. It can be of help mostly to academics and researchers, because it also features original verse numeration.

8. Phi2phi
Similar to Android app AskPhil, Phi2phi is 'peer to peer philosophy', where philosophers can ask questions to their peers and try out argumentation, thought experiments or any other forum-like type of online interaction/dialogue. Within app you have 4 main options, Answer, Ask, Results and Me (as in profile, where you can write about your philosophical interests, occupation and education). Ask section is designed for you to ask a question, including title, the question and response style (choice, scale, text) and philosophical categories or fields (mind, political, science, logic, etc). Within Answer section you can read all the asked questions by mentioned categories. This seems like a nice place to hangout with other philosophers..especially after i found this question: "Is it now morally and socially acceptable to crush on Emma Watson?"

9. Philosophy Spotlight - Wiley
Although this app is free, not all of it's content is available for same price. Wiley is probably known to you as publisher, and with this app they made a nice overview of almost everything they are doing with philosophy. Within app you can find many resources for serious academic work, but you will probably need to buy most of them. This app is great for searching scientific journals and their contents, conferences, blogs, publishing news, books, but also some free sample issues, and everything is related to philosophy. Both free and paid content can be found using philosophical categories and all these features make this app probably the best serious app for academic philosophers.

As you can see, iOS offers more apps for philosophers than Android, and even more serious ones. Also, there are some paid apps for iOS which i am not able to review that look really nicely designed and very well done in their description. I hope that these reviews were helpful to some of you, and i hope that we will see more philosophy related apps from both developers in future.

Zoran Kojcic

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