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Free Philosophy Apps for Android devices

As you type in 'Philosophy' as key word in Android Play Store search bar, you will find numerous apps, dealing with literally all kinds of stuff. Mostly, one can find a lot of e book apps and quote apps, which aren't that much interesting, unless you really want to read some books, or you are really into quoting philosophers.
However, i wanted to find out whether some of those apps could have more meaningful purpose, so i set out to try them and discover it on my own.
Here are the findings:

1. Philosophy: Reason ˛& Thought
Really simply and nicely done philosophy quiz. Not dealing with any interesting philosophy subject, but merely answering the questions you are asked seems boring, but this quiz really got me thinking and i also wanted to refresh my knowledge on some facts in history of philosophy. Questions aren't so hard and app is made really easy to use.

2. Philosophy
App named pretty straight forward, Philosophy, seems to be collection of quotes, arranged in a way that on main page you can read some sort of title, for instance 'Limitations of Logic', and when you open it you can read the rest of the quote/text, at end of which usually you find some (auto)biographical notes on author, with  his/her web address or some other information. Not classical quote app, but interesting to use with variety of topics and authors (not just philosophers) who have something interesting to say.

3. AskPhil
askphilosophers.org - you ask, philosophers answer. Really simple. This app is awsome to use. You can browse categories, from abortion to war, there are over 50 of them and you can see the number of questions already asked and answered for certain category. You can use search option for every category, and you have the option to email entry, using some of other phone apps, such as gmail or any other. Also, great feature of this app is that you see when the question is posted, anonymously, but you can see the date and the name of philosopher who answered it.

4. Philosopher's Calendar
I was actually looking forward to use this app, but i was surprised when i opened it. This app doesn't use our usual names for months, but 'has a mind of it's own'. Still, it is more interesting to use it that way, trying to figure out names of months and the rest of it. Apart from that app is simple to use. It is practically a annual calendar with dates and names of famous philosophers and artists, so if you wanted to check out which of them is born on same date as you or your family and friends, this is the app to use. You can also tap on any of dates/names and see biographical data about philosophers with direct link to wiki page. This app can also come handy if you work in any kind of institution/organisation where you mark any philosophy related dates.

5. Zowi for Philosophy
Another Philosophy quiz easy to use app, but more interesting and interactive. This app actually talks with you. Which creates a bigger problem..at least for my bad english pronunciation. Anyway, app consists of 4 basic categories: Concepts, Isms of Philosophy, Philosophers and Philosophy basics. Questions aren't so hard to answer, but as i said, sometimes the app doesn't recognize your pronunciation, and also sometimes has a funny pronunciation of its own.

6. Philosophy quote apps
There are a few well made quote apps i liked to use: Nietzscheisms, Platoisms, Socratesisms, Epicurusisms; all separate apps but made by same app developer. Basically, when you open the app, you can see black screen with short quotes, not stating from which book they are, which is a miss, in my opinion. On the bottom, there are scroll and share options, for gmail, facebook, twitter or text messages. And thats about it, really. Besides those 4 apps, there is one more quote app i liked, called Wisdom of Socrates, which is slightly more beautifully designed, with background and scroll/share options made for easy use; also, you have a option to share quotes on many more social networks, probably all of them you already have installed on your device.

Next  time i will try to find some philosophy related apps for iOS users and review them.

Zoran Kojcic

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