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As my tweet may have led you here, this is a short blog post about philosophical counselling/consultations, in order to instruct you how does it work, if you are interested to do it with me.

There are different ways in which philosophical counseling/consultations could be done. I use Oscar Brenifier's method which is quite similar to socratic dialogue. If you studied philosophy and if you read Plato, then you are familiar with this socratic method. If not, counselling/consultations begin with you forming one personal problem as a question - for instance: Why do i have trouble with sleeping, How can I overcome my fear of this or that, Why am i affraid of getting old, Why do i smoke...it can be ANYTHING, any problem you have which you want to deal with. Problems can also be generalized, like Why do people lie/kill - counselling/consultations aim to solve a problem you are dealing with, problem which bothers you for some reason and you are not quite able to solve it on your own. After you state your question (problem), it is time for you to answer the questions untill the end of the session. You should do it in simple sentences, stating arguments or concepts, also with yes/no answers - this is not psychiatrist's sofa where you would lie down, tell your life story while they nod their head, blame your parents and prescribe you drugs. Counselling/consultations are process where you must think and reason with yourself and draw conclusions which will lead you to solve your problem.
Other than your willingness to participate, this venture requires you to have Skype or Facebook account (we can do it in written or spoken form, whichever you prefer) and an hour of your time.
Also, in order to avoid confusion, the term philosophical counselling is widely spread and more often used for this kind of philosophical practice. However, using Oscar Brenifier's method, philosopher doesn't give you counsel or advice what you should or shouldn't do, so Brenifier prefers the term consultations. Likewise, i won't give you any counsel on what to do and what not to do, i will lead you to your own conclusions and let you deceide for yourself.

At the end, if you are wondering how do philosophical consultations work, you can watch this video

If you are interested to do consultations, please contact me on my social network profiles, Facebook or Twitter

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to learn more about counselling in Surrey. I'm finishing my degree in psychology. I'd like to find somewhere to put it to good use.